The International Poodle Club
The International Poodle Club was first registered in October 1932, being the brainchild of Mrs Margaret Campbell Inglis. The initial membership fee was set extremely high at 5 guineas(£5.10) so the Club was in good financial order from the start.( It is worth noting that the present membership fee is LESS than this!)
Mrs Campbell Inglis was the Club's first Chairman, and she held this position for 31 years until her death in 1963, her husband being Secretaary up until the war. After 1945 this post was held by Phillipe Howard Price (Montfleuri) and then Mrs Kearns, before Kathleen Rees took over in 1973.
Chairman after Mrs Campbell Inglis was Mrs Lucy Ellis(Merrymorn) who held this position until her death in 2007 at the age of over 100.
As with all long established clubs, the names of Committee Members are a "whose who" of Poodles over the years. These include Rita Price Jones(Frenches)Hon. Mrs Ionides(Vulcan), Sylvia Coupe(Balogores ) and Pat and Les Harwood(Nairda)
In 1947, IPC held two Championship Shows in the same year. One in April and one in October were held at the RHS Hall in Vincent Square ,London. It should be noted that nearly all the Exhibitors came from the home counties in those days and Officers showed without any recourse......
The IPC Championship Show remained in London right up to the late 1970's at the Seymour Hall, which became impossible once modern day parking restrictions were introduced.- The move then followed to Watford and then Montem Leisure Centre Slough before the Club took the decision to move to its present venue , centrally, at Stoneleigh in 2010.
The Club held its Golden Jubilee at Watford Leisure Centre in 1983 with a total of 418 dogs(103 Std,130 Min and185 Toy) and it is worth noting that by the 75th anniversary in 2008 this had been cut to 264 (111 Std, 64 Min and 87 Toy) - Given that the Shows in 2015 are receiving numbers of 130 at most for all 3 sizes, It is frightening to think how much further this will have fallen by the clubs centenary in 2032....
Since Kathleen Rees and then Chairman Sylvia Coupe sady passed away, the Club has had a difficult few years, but it is now hoped that under long time supporter and now Chairman Andree Odell that the immediate future of the IPC can reflect its distinguished past.